Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm Back & Arrested Development

I realize I've been gone for what seems like forever, but guess what? I'm back! After being caught up and intertwined with something called life, I have much insight into tackling its challenges and obstacles, or I like to think so. I intend on using this little blog to share what I have encountered, learned and whatever else in the past year or so with my grand/non-existent audience.

To start things off on a good foot, here is an Arrested Development mish mash for you.

Is it hilarious? Hell yes.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Arrrgh, Boys!

I'll forever remember the very first poster I purchased my freshmen year of college at a poster and art fair on campus. It was this one:
I had just gotten out of a relationship and this was my way of flippin' the bird at the world that I was done with dating for a long time. I would never actually run around in rage with my middle fingers in the air (even though I wanted to) and revolt against the male species, so this had to do.

I bring this up today because I feel this same kind of grudge seven years later towards men, *ahem* I mean, boys.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fun and Flirty

I just found this bargain buy from Ann Taylor Loft for $29.99. Did you hear me? $29.99! I absolutely love the style and shape of the dress. Since I'm a big fan of versatile outfits, I love it that much more. It would be perfect for picnics, summer shopping, poolside lounging, casual weekend adventures and even dates! It's fun and flirty, you'd definitely catch some eyes. Slip on a pair of sandals, grab your sunglasses and you're set.

To buy or not to buy?

Friday, June 19, 2009

No Texting At Work?

Today I got asked by the HR head about how I felt about texting at work. I was confused at first because I wasn't sure if this was a trick question, but she said it was because she wanted to know more about my generation. I guess it makes sense. I mean, I am one of the youngest, if not the youngest person at work and I would be able to provide honest feedback on what's acceptable in the work place.

Of course I explained to her that texting has become a social norm and it's common for us to exchange text messages with our parents, families, friends and even coworkers. So, as long as it wasn't affecting our work performance, it's something that shouldn't need monitoring or regulating at work. If there were rules about how often you could text or use your cell phone throughout the day, hiring younger generations would be difficult. It was an out of the blue topic of conversation, but an interesting one.

This One Is An Iffy

There have been plenty of times I've tried something on thinking that it was going to look great but turns out making me look like a whale. Come on, we've all done it. This is why I have such a hard time purchasing clothes and shoes online. You just NEVER know what it'll look like, unless you happen to be one of the fortunate ones with the perfect body that looks good even in a potato sack.

Take this Charlotte Russe dress for example. It's very romantic and soft with the detailing around the bust and neck area of the halter. The layers add an element of whispy-ness that makes the dress a bit flirty. However, just from looking at the dress, it looks like it could be super cute or make you prego, two very extremes. It's a bargain buy for $29.99, but I probably wouldn't purchase it online. Would you? What are your thoughts?